Spending Money in Retirement

We spend years planning for retirement.  For some folks it is maximizing their contributions to the company’s plan, others might add money to IRAs or other retirement savings, and there may be those who plan on living off their pensions or social security.  After all this saving, the question is how best to spend those hard earned dollars.

We talk with our clients about the various buckets.

      • The lights on bucket (what you need to cover basics like shelter, utilities, food, etc).
      • The have fun bucket (travel, splurges, etc.)
      • For some folks, they may want a toss back and earn additional funds bucket (this will help you maintain an income stream)

Everyone has ideas on what they want to do in retirement, whether it is volunteering at a local pet shelter or playing a few rounds of golf.  Our goal is to help you understand how to live the best life during your retirement.

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