Spending Money in Retirement

We spend years planning for retirement.  For some folks it is maximizing their contributions to the company’s plan, others might add money to IRAs or other retirement savings, and there may be those who plan on living off their pensions or social security.  After all this saving, the question is how best to spend those hard earned dollars.

We talk with our clients about the various buckets.

      • The lights on bucket (what you need to cover basics like shelter, utilities, food, etc).
      • The have fun bucket (travel, splurges, etc.)
      • For some folks, they may want a toss back and earn additional funds bucket (this will help you maintain an income stream)

Everyone has ideas on what they want to do in retirement, whether it is volunteering at a local pet shelter or playing a few rounds of golf.  Our goal is to help you understand how to live the best life during your retirement.

Adjusting to the new normal

It is an unusual time in the US, vaccines, masks mandates, and politics have made this an interesting year. We are business as usual, with a mix of working from home and coming in to the office. We are excited to share that in May we will be moving to a new office. We have a lovely suite tucked away near Blendon Woods Metro Park. There a just a few steps to our door and parking is plentiful.

We are hoping for a seamless transition, so please make note of the new number 614-230-1208. The new address is 5022-A Pine Creek Dr Westerville, OH 43081.


This year’s holidays may look a little different.  We are staying put and perhaps seeing our loved ones virtually.  We’d like to take this opportunity to first thank you for allowing us to be with you during the retirement journey and secondly to remind you of the rules regarding the IRS and gifts.

The folks at NerdWallet do a lovely breakdown of the rules.  If you are fortunate enough and want to be generous note the $15,000 annual exclusion and the increased lifetime exclusion.

We wish you the best this holiday season.  Please stay safe, healthy and strong.



COVID and retirement

We’ve probably spent the last few months clearing out our basements and garages.  Our closets are cleaned out and items have been donated to a local nonprofit. The pandemic has changed how we have spent the summer.  Vacation plans were changed, working from home has lost its appeal and we’re either down 10 pounds or gained 20 pounds.  One of the things you can do that will benefit your financial health is to review your various retirement accounts.  How are you tracking those and managing the funds?  We have noticed that often times clients lose track of a small retirement fund and it may take weeks to figure out how to access those funds.  Do you need someone to help you make sense of the numbers?  We offer a free consultation.  Please feel free to email to schedule a free consultation at [email protected]

We look forward to talking with you soon.

Summer Fun

We are here to help you plan for your retirement.  Le’ts focus on your bucket of ‘fun’.  You have worked hard for your money and sometimes it is hard to spend.  People fret about having enough saved, well, it is a valid worry.  We will walk through your budget, projected expenses and such.  Once you have identified the ‘keep the lights-on budget’, we can talk about fun.  For some folks fun is defined by sailing around the world, others it is taking the grandchildren for an annual fishing trip, we sit down to find out what is important and fun for you.

By having this conversation early, you can easily begin to piece together your retirement.  It all starts by filling the buckets.  If you need help, please know we offer a free consultation.


Well, that sure changes things…

I hope this finds you healthy and safe.  COVID-19 has changed many things and has folks a bit antsy.  I don’t have a crystal ball to predict when this crisis will end but I know we will get through this stronger than before.  As the schools move to virtual classes and we work remotely, I urge you to keep with your savings plan.  If you find yourself looking for a new job, let’s keep track of the old retirement account by discussing options.

We are working remotely but will be stopping by the office to collect mail and such.  I can schedule phone calls, you know me, I’m old school so I’m staying away from Zoom.

Follow the CDC guidelines, wash your hands, social distance and wear a mask so we can get back to normal soon.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020!  It’s a new year and for many of us we make resolutions.  Whether the resolutions are learning to play the pianogoing to the gym,  or tackling those extra 15 pounds, we wish you the best of luck.

Have you made financial resolutions?  We’ve heard of the various saving challenges like the 52 week challenge or the $5 challenge.  The important part is saving.  I have found that if I automate my savings, it is accelerated.   If you haven’t retired, see what happens if you increase your withholding by 2%?  Do you miss that extra money?  Don’ t miss out on that free money if your employer matches.  Every bit adds up when we start talking about how your buckets for retirment are filled.  Need help figuring it all out?  Schedule a free consultation today.



Bonfires, football and fall leaves

I don’t know about you, but fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  There’s football, pumpkin pie and beautiful leaves.  As I talk with families about retirement, I often ask about whether they have a current will.   I’m surprised to see that many people either don’t have a will or have a will they haven’t updated since the kids were born.

Take some time this month and check out your will.  If you don’t have one, look into starting the process.  If you have a will, double check contact information, asset breakdown and add updated financial documents.  Taking little steps like this will ensure you are set up for fun during retirement.

Understanding Social Security

For most of us, there is a entry on our paycheck for social security.  It’s a sum that we take for granted but don’t really understand the concept.  We hear advice from all over, suggestions on when to begin ‘taking’ social security to whether spouses should collect first.  Our approach is simple.  We sit down and talk with you about the different buckets you have available, when it would be best for you to begin taking social security, the basic tax ramifications.  Everyone is in a unique situation, but the sooner you realize where you stand and how you get there, the simpler the discussion becomes and the better you sleep.

Take the first step and check out your social security information, print out what the report says and file it with your other retirement accounts.

Top Retirement Mistake

When it comes to retirement planning the top mistake is not having a plan.  My philosophy is keep it simple.  Your plan doesn’t have to be full of pie charts and projections, it just has to be written down.  I stress the importance of saving and spending wisely.   The first step is to look and see how much social security income you’ll receive.   It’s not complicated, find out more by attending one of my free workshops.  In the meantime, simply get out that old legal pad and jot down some numbers so you can begin your plan.


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